Final Fantasy 7 Complete Box Set

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The Final Fantasy 7 Complete Box Set is made by a top of the line game reproduction company.  All of their games are made by hand and with the utmost care for quality. Each game is personally made for the client once it is ordered. Therefore, shipping time is expected to be between 10-16 days at worst and 3-5 days at best. If you would like a custom job done for your item, such as a different cart color (regular grey, silver, gold, black, metallic black and many other colors) please choose that color from the drop-down menu.  Customizing your game is a unique way to show your style and still have a great looking game for your retro collection.
So pick your custom color and let's get to gaming!
*Please Note*
This box set includes many extras so that is the reason for the increased price.
Included in this box set will be Final Fantasy 7 Game, Box, Full Manual, Final Fantasy VII Poster, & Trading Card (randomly chosen)!