Kid Dracula Limited Edition Complete Box Set

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The Kid Dracula Limited Edition Complete Box Set is made by a top of the line game reproduction company.  All of their games are made by hand and with the utmost care for quality. Each game is personally made for the client once it is ordered. Therefore, shipping time is expected to be between 10-16 days. We are sorry to say that since this game is a limited edition there are no custom colors to choose from. However, you will still have an awesome game for your gaming collection!
*Please Note*
This box set includes many extras so that is the reason for the increased price. Certificate of authenticity specially numbered for your game up to 200 copies only. So the earlier you buy the lower number you will get! 
Included in this box set will be the Kid Dracula Limited Edition Game, Box, Full Manual, Kid Dracula Limited Edition Poster, & Stickers (randomly chosen)!