Legend Of Zelda Ganon's Revenge NES Style Game- Cartridge Only

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The Legend Of Zelda Ganon's Revenge NES Game is made by a top of the line game reproduction company.  
All of their games are made by hand and with the utmost care for quality. Each game is personally made for the client once it is ordered. Therefore, shipping time is expected to be between 10-16 days. If you would like a custom job done for your item, such as a different cart color (regular grey, silver, gold, black, metallic black, and many more) please choose that color from the drop-down menu.  Customizing your game is a unique way to show your style and still have a great looking game for your retro collection.

For a wizard of Ganon's power, death is but a temporary setback. His defeat at the hands of the legendary hero Link only redoubled his rage. Ganon has returned to life more powerful than ever, and has recaptured Princess Zelda and the Triforce of Power. Using the Triforce's energy he has twisted the land of Hyrule into a treacherous maze. He holds Zelda captive in his lair, knowing Link will surely try to rescue her. If Hyrule is to be restored, the Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Wisdom must be reclaimed. Link must face this strange new world to save the Princess and return peace to the land.



We now have alternate Graphics available for this game.   This version will include the Flashback Exclusive Title Screen  and Alternate graphics. Use the Dropdown menu below to choose "Regular" or "Alternate" graphics


Here is a few screen shots of the alternate Grahics

So pick your custom color and let's get to gaming!